About Us
This nonprofit began between two high school friends that wanted to promote leadership and speaking skills.

Organizations already exist to promote speaking and leadership for adults, but very few are geared specifically towards the youth.
Instead of having leadership as a side benefit, we cultivate leadership through organized programs that specifically target the youth with an emphasis on teaching skills behind doing so while providing a forum for empowerment.
Speaking skills are practical, not theoretical knowledge. Practical skills such as building a car require hands-on experience and practice to hone, in contrast to theoretical skills and knowledge that are in the abstract that can be learned from a textbook. Therefore, this organization seeks especially to provide chances for young individuals to gain practical speaking and leadership knowledge through exposure.
Aniruth Narayanan, current president of this nonprofit, recalls:"Whenever I wanted an opportunity in organizations to speak, it was difficult with many more obstacles to doing so than anyone would expect on account of my age. While I did learn much from other organizations, one that would provide such opportunities without the barriers to succeed is something I wish I had as I was growing up".

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If you would like to contact us, please send us an email at: leadership@nationalstudentspeakers.org
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