Be a More Confident Public Speaker
This is an animated video on realistic and easy ways to become a more confident public speaker.
How To Give A Speech | Forbes
This Forbes video breaks down many prominent speeches and highlights the how to each of them are effective by giving tips to make your speech just as effective.
How to NOT Get Nervous Speaking in Front of People
This Clark Kegley on how to be less nervous when speaking in public. He notes the importance of visualization to calm your nerves before a big speech.
The Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence | Caroline Goyder | TEDxBrixton
Speaking with confidence covers up everything else. Conveying that you own and control the ideas you express is important in creating a memorable speech.
Public Speaking for Quiet People
Public speaking has generally been viewed as more of a challenge for quiet people, but this talk presented at Google turns that around and presents reasons why the opposite is true. While this talk is somewhat long, it's also very good in keeping the viewer interested and hooked on what the speaker is saying.
NSSA: NSF Public Speaking Workshop
This was our first workshop through NSSA, done with North South Foundation before their public speaking contests. The full list of slides is below for review.
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TED's Secret to Great Public Speaking | Chris Anderson
This is a video by TED, well-known for their unique presentations and ideas, on how every speaker delivers their message to the audience in a memorable method. It reveals a lot of interesting insights in how to do so.

10 Speaking Tips | Advanced Presentation Advice | How To Give A Powerful Speech | Public Speaking
This is the founder of Real Men Real Style, Antonio Centeno, giving 10 insightful tips on speaking that are not so obvious. He shares tips on skills such as knowing your audience and how to effectively incorporate stories into your speech.
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